Commercial law and disputes

Търговско право и спорове

In practice, in the course of the business of commercial companies, disputes often arise with other traders in connection with a commercial transaction or commercial relationship. Our professional team can provide competent assistance in disputes between you and other traders.


Our comprehensive legal services ensure the protection of the trader’s interests related to day-to-day operations and in the resolution of litigation and other cases.

How can we help you?

Out-of-court resolution of commercial disputes

Our experts in the field of negotiation will help you in attempting to resolve the cases out of court.

Disputes between shareholders and management bodies

Legal Shield is able to assist in the hearing and resolution of disputes arising between shareholders and management bodies.

Resolving commercial disputes in court

Our team provides you with protection in commercial disputes.  

Mediation of commercial disputes

We provide quality liaison between both parties in commercial disputes.

Securing the deal

Legal Shield actively assists you in the execution of the commercial deal.


Our experts will provide you with the necessary legal assistance in negotiations.

Drafting commercial contracts

Our team of specialists takes care of the drafting of commercial contracts depending on the activity and the desired effect of the commercial transaction.

Legal services

Our legal experts are at your service for you and your business.

Accounting services

Accounting specialists will provide you with accounting support.

Contact Legal Shield and find the legal support you need today. Our experts are ready to answer your questions.

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