Intellectual Property

Интелектуална собственост

In terms of protecting your intellectual property, Bulgaria is an attractive destination due to its low taxes and EU membership.

The Legal Shield team is ready to assist you with the timely and smooth registration of your European trade mark, European patent, and other appropriate protection of your intellectual property.


Thanks to their in-depth knowledge in the field of intellectual property, our experts provide you with complete intellectual property awareness and ensure that your business is quality protected from competitors.

How can we help you?

Compilation of registration documents

We assist in preparing all the necessary documents for registration of your intellectual property.

Proceedings before the European Patent Office

Legal Shield provides you with professional representation before the European Patent Office.

Applying for EU aid for European trademark and patent registration

Our specialist team assists you with the process of applying for reimbursement of fees to the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Intellectual property protection

Our experts will assist you with counselling and measures related to the protection and registration of intellectual property objects – copyright, patent, trade mark and others.

Dispute resolution

Our experts offer effective and competent protection in the event of disputes and claims relating to your intellectual property.

Contact Legal Shield and find the legal support you need today. Our experts are ready to answer your questions.

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