In today’s globalisation environment, the role of free movement of people is crucial. Moving the place of residence and work outside the borders of one’s own country is becoming a common practice and a part of our lives.

For this reason, an increasing number of people in and outside the European Union are confronted with immigration law issues. Our team is ready to assist you in immigration law matters by providing competent legal assistance and answers to all your questions.


You get reliable and comprehensive information on immigration issues, saving you the time and effort of doing your own research on the subject. We provide you with reliable protection of your interests.

How can we help you?

Visa regime and conditions for the residence of foreigners on the territory of Bulgaria

We provide you with information on the necessary requirements and conditions for legal residence in Bulgaria.

Status of foreigners and their family members in Bulgaria

We assist in preparing the necessary documents and obtaining the status for foreigners in Bulgaria.

Assistance in renewing and extending the validity of visas

Legal Shield assists you with the administrative procedure before a government authority, where the necessary documents for the extension and renewal of your visa are submitted.

Advice and assistance in obtaining temporary and permanent residence and access to the labour market

Our team advises and supports you throughout the entire administrative procedure before the relevant state authority for applying for and obtaining temporary or permanent residence, including assistance and accompaniment in applying to the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Interior, assistance in obtaining all necessary documents.

Representation before immigration and other institutions

We offer professional and competent representation to protect your interests.

Contact Legal Shield and find the legal support you need today. Our experts are ready to answer your questions.

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