Litigation representation

Процесуално представителство

The Legal Shield team believes that litigation is not just about drafting documentation, but also about getting to know each case in depth.

Our experts offer drafting of complaints, statements of claim, responses to statements of claim and other documents related to proceedings before courts, administrative authorities, bailiffs /state and private/, etc.


In order for our service to be comprehensive, our specialists provide you with the opportunity to listen to the client’s facts and explanations, to review all the evidence – written and oral, to assess the chances of a positive outcome at the end of the proceedings and to analyse possible lines of defence in future or existing proceedings.

Thanks to our in-depth consideration of the specifics of the dispute, we provide narrow specialists, according to the client’s required defines, who can offer an adequate and profiled defines in accordance with the relevant branch of law, tailored to the client’s requested defines.

How can we help you?

Representation in commercial disputes

Representation in civil disputes

Representation in tax disputes

Representation against administrative measures and decisions

Representation in banking disputes

Representation in judicial division proceedings

Representation in labour disputes

Representation in divorce cases

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