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Недвижими имоти

The Legal Shield team consists of experts who have the necessary knowledge and potential in negotiating real estate deals. Our approach to the evaluation of a real estate transaction has always been fully oriented towards the appropriate and timely protection of our clients.


Our experts provide you with smooth and quality defence during the negotiation of real estate purchase and sale transactions. We monitor the entire process, draw up the necessary documents, provide you with analyses and protect your interests by actively participating in negotiations.

How can we help you?

Investigation and analysis of the property at the initial stage

Our veteran real estate experts will give you an accurate property appraisal.

Seller's survey

Our specialists organise a thorough investigation of the seller of the property in question.

Drafting and obtaining documents

We save you time and effort by preparing all the necessary documents during the realisation of the property purchase and sale transaction.

Drafting a contract

Legal Shield will draft the necessary pre-sale agreement and/or final contract to protect your interest, and will assist in negotiating clauses to protect your interest.


Our team of experts will protect your interests in property negotiations.

Realisation of the purchase-sale transaction at the public notary's office

Our specialists will assist you in preparing and appearing before a public notary to conclude a final contract with a notary deed.

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