Personal data processing and confidentiality

Защита на лични данни и поверителност

Technological developments require the processing of large volumes and different categories of personal data. The potential for misuse of sensitive personal information requires a higher level of protection of personal data by those who process it. This requires businesses to pay particular attention to protecting the privacy of personal data.

Personal data protection is of particular importance for digital business development and requires expertise in the field. Our specialists provide you with an adequate service that ensures high compliance and fulfilment of the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR, the Regulation).


Drafting of individual GDPR compliant documents in relation to the trader’s activities. documents in relation to the trader’s activities.
Our team of data protection specialists is at your disposal to assist you with the processing by the data controller/processor.

How can we help you?

GAP analysis and due diligence

We provide all the tools you need for strategic planning and detailed analysis of existing conditions versus desired outcomes related to your business.

Confidentiality and cyber security policies

Our team will prepare the necessary documentation according to your business needs.

Confidentiality and cybersecurity audits

We perform regular and thorough confidentiality and cybersecurity status audits concerning your business.

Cross-border data transfers

The Legal Shield team assists you in analysing and legally securing the process of cross-border data transfer in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Personal data processing and transfer agreement

Our team prepares the necessary documents for personal data, aligned with the activity and specifics of your business.

Marketing policies

Our specialists will draw up the necessary policies and documents to carry out marketing research and strategies to meet the requirements of the law.

Employee Policies

We will draft the necessary policies for your business regarding your employees. We provide the necessary parameters to be considered when dealing with employees with personal data.

On-line confidentiality policies

Our team will draft the necessary privacy policies related to your business’ on-line presence.

Processing and resolving disputes regarding

Legal Shield’s team of specialists guarantees a thorough review and protection of your interests in the event of disputes regarding personal data of users.

Personal data protection officer

We offer assistance from a competent person in drafting and keeping contracts up to date, keeping all records, researching and assisting with data controller issues and more.

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