Representation in state authorities

Представителство пред държавни органи

Regardless of which country you live and work in, interacting with the public administration and complying with administrative requirements is inevitable. This applies to both natural and legal persons.


The Legal Shield team can represent you before various government authorities: National Revenue Agency, National Social Security Institute, Registry Agency, Commercial Register, Financial Institutions, as well as before local administration authorities and we can assist you in solving your administrative issues.

How can we help you?

Representation in administrative proceedings before state authorities

Legal Shield represents you before government agencies and defends you in various administrative proceedings.

Representation before state authorities for issuing licenses and permits

Our team will assist you with professional representation in state authorities in the process of issuing permits, licenses and other necessary documents.

Representation in state authorities to obtain registration certificates

Our specialists will represent you before government authorities and assist you in obtaining the necessary registration certificates.

Representation in the National Revenue Agency

Our specialists offer you representation before the National Revenue Agency in the form of legal advice, monitoring of statutory deadlines for taxes and returns, etc.

Representation before the National Social Security Institute (NSSI)

Our team offers you representation before the NSSI in case of administrative procedures affecting your business.

Representation in municipal authorities

Legal Shield provides you with representation before municipal authorities and legal protection in disputes.

Assistance in filing property declarations

Our specialists will assist you in filing the necessary declarations in real estate deals.

Assistance in registering in Bulgaria a marriage contracted abroad

Legal Shield will assist you with the registration of a marriage contracted abroad, following the procedures for registration in Bulgaria.

Documents required for obtaining a legal heir certificate

Our team will assist you in submitting a request for a certificate of heirs to the relevant municipality.

Obtaining civil status certificates

Our team will assist you in obtaining the necessary civil status certificates.

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