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A property deal is a specific matter that requires good preparation and knowledge of the market. Whether you are looking for a property for investment, office or residential purposes, our partner agents will assist you in ensuring that the whole process is carried out correctly and that the deal is finalised in the most efficient way for you. The sale of property also has its own characteristics, which our experts will explain to you in detail.


By using our real estate services, you save time researching the market and receive qualified assistance in negotiating and closing deals to buy or sell property. Our team will protect your interests at every stage of the property search or offer.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

Our team offers a complete research and screening of the property market to identify the best offers.

Consultancy service during property selection

The expertise of our colleagues provides you with full support and the necessary information during the selection of real estate.

Carrying out a viewing of a property

You have the opportunity to carry out a thorough viewing with the relevant estate agent.

Carrying out actions to preserve and stop the property being sold to another party for a fixed period of time

Our team assists you in handing over the deposit/reservation of the desired property.

Communication with potential buyers

Our team of real estate agents actively communicates with all possible buyers and informs them about all necessary issues related to your property.

Receipt of a reservation fee from the buyer

We take care to protect your interests by obtaining a cash guarantee proving the prospective buyer’s commitment to your property.

Assistance in concluding a pre-sale agreement

Our specialists prepare and review the pre-sale agreement required for the deal.

Assistance in obtaining a credit

We offer credit assistance to help you purchase the desired property.

Preparation for the completion of the sale before a notary public

Our team assists in the preparation of all necessary documents for the completion of the sale of the property before a notary public.

Assistance in taking possession of the property after the sale

We provide assistance in meeting the deadlines for taking possession of the property, in compliance with applicable laws

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