Subscription legal services

Абонаментно правно обслужване

Subscription-based legal services are an option available to every client of Legal Shield. Our team offers counselling services to clients who need regular legal advice.

Subscription-based legal services include the usage of a limited number of man-hours per month or an unlimited number of man-hours per month. In order to make an individual quotation, it is necessary to become acquainted with the client’s business in advance in order to assess the potential volume of work.

We guide our clients in making the right decisions for their business, as well as in resolving work flow issues as they arise. We are actively involved in meetings and negotiations when deals are struck. Our team can be your most trusted business partner.


Subscription-based legal services allow the client to use the legal expertise of our lawyers for various purposes during the working day – legal opinions and advice, drafting of contracts, administrative procedures, solving cases, etc. Representation in legal proceedings is not included in the Subscription-based legal service.

How can we help you?

Drafting of legal opinions

Our team prepares a detailed analysis of the subject matter and carries out a detailed examination of the necessary documents on the subject.

Participation in negotiations with trading partners

Our specialists will be by your side to provide quality protection of your interests in negotiations.

Drafting of contracts

Our team of experts helps to prepare the necessary documents on time.

Participation in working meetings

We monitor and actively participate in working meetings and follow their development in accordance with the law.

Securing the client's business in terms of legal services in accordance with the regulatory requirements

Our team identifies potential risks to your business and minimises them by applying the appropriate legal remedies.

Representation to public authorities and private entities

Legal Shield provides professional representation and execution of pre-agreed activities on behalf of the client.

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